Weld-Up Red-Iron Fabrication & Erection

Our local custom steel structure teams can build virtually anything you need. We service approx 100 mile radius of Houston. Sorry but we don't have custom builders outside that area.

Below you'll find a gallery of the things we can custom build and install for you. From as small as a pump house or well house, to large red-iron industrial buildings. In this division we do weld-up red-iron strucutres for situations where no permits or engineering are required, when time to install is rushed, or simply just to save money. Please review our gallery of work below then contact us with your needs.

Our custom weld up jobs start at a mininum of $2500 and some projects can be well into the hundreds of thousands for larger commerical buildings. But, we can do most anything needing customized on-site fabrication & weld-up. Custom quotes do take some time particularly with volatile steel markets these days and our quotes are generally good for only 7 days.

We also do steel ROOFING; see our separate page in the menu for that. Steel soffits or outside steel sheeting of any building as well. Enjoy the gallery then call or email us with our needs, or better yet contact us from the Contact Form on the Contact Us page in the menu above.

We specialize in:

Weld up red-iron Barns and Buildings
Red-Iron Steel Patio Covers and Awnings
Red-Iron Steel Porches & Low-Pitched Carports
Red-Iron Steel Lean-to Additions
Red-Iron Steel Pavilions & Arenas
Pool Pump and/or Well Pump Houses
Parking Structures -
Storage Buildings

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