Makeover your old barn with a new look and add years to its existence! We use 26-gauge galvanized steel panel in Galvalume or your choice of a dozen Colors to re-roof and/or re-face your old barn, adding years of life to your building. Its also far better for water and snow run-off than traditional roofing, and better wind load resistence! Re-facing your sides and ends will bring your old eye-sore to life again like a brand new dress! View our photo gallery below andthen CONTACT us today to get started on YOUR project. 

Our service area is generally within 100 miles of Houston, Texas and prices normally start in the $9.50-10.50/square foot range (trim included) depending on size, colors and location. This will be an investment well spent, protecting your old barn/building as well as everything in it, and certainly improving its presentation on your property and thereby your property's value!